Where can I download the Help Compilers

HTML Help 1.x Compiler

The Microsoft HTML Help 1.x Compiler is required in order to compile Html Help 1.x (CHM) files. The Microsoft HTML Help Compiler is distributed as part of the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, available for free download from the following URL :


The Html Help Workshop installation displays a misleading "This computer already has newer version of Html Help" message (see below) at the end of the installation. This message refers to the Html Help Viewer which is already installed in Windows and can be ignored.

After installation, the HTML Help Workshop only registers itself fully when you run it for the first time, so you should start and then close the HTML Help Workshop at least once after installation to fully activate it.

Microsoft Help Viewer Compiler (Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013)

The components necessary to compile Microsoft Help Viewer files are included with Document! X and HelpStudio and do not need to be downloaded and installed separately.

Microsoft Help 2.x Compiler (Visual Studio 2002-2008)

The only generally available viewer for Microsoft Help 2.x files is included with Visual Studio 2002-2008. You should therefore only use the Microsoft Help 2.x if you wish to integrate documentation with the Visual Studio 2002-2008 help system (e.g. for .NET assemblies or Visual Studio integrated products).

Various setups that contain the Help 2.x compiler are available. Each version requires that a specific version of Visual Studio be installed so choose the setup below according to the version of Visual Studio you have installed.

Visual Studio 2008

If you have Visual Studio 2008 installed, install the Microsoft Help 2.x compiler by installing the Visual Studio 2008 SDK, which can be downloaded from this page:

Visual Studio 2005

If you have Visual Studio 2005 installed, install the Microsoft Help 2.x compiler by installing the Visual Studio 2005 SDK.

The Visual Studio 2005 SDK is no longer available from the Microsoft download site. If you need to install the Visual Studio 2005 SDK you should contact Microsoft Support directly to request a copy of the SDK.

Visual Studio 2003

If you have Visual Studio 2003 installed, install the Microsoft Help 2.x Compiler by installing the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Help Integration Kit, a Microsoft provided free Add-In to Visual Studio 2003 that provides the functionality for compiling Microsoft Help 2.x projects.

You can freely download the Visual Studio .NET Help Integration kit from this MSDN download page:




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