Include a link to a page with the navigation pane when navigating directly to a Brower Help content page url

You must be using Document! X or HelpStudio 2015.2 or higher to use this feature.

When building a browser help output, it is possible to view a page without the surrounding navigation pane by navigating to the page url directly. Although that may be desirable (e.g. for help pages embedded in an application), you may want to provide a link to allow users to view the page with the full navigation pane.

To automatically include a link to the full browser help navigation pane if users navigate to a specific content page:

  1. Open the Build Profile Editor;
  2. Select the Browser Help page;
  3. Tick the Include a 'View with Navigation Tools' link if a content page is opened without Browser Help Navigation Tools option.

Next time you build your help, this functionality will be automatically included in the generated output.



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