Setting A Default Favicon For The Browser Output

A quick tip here for setting a Favicon for the Browser Output which is useful if you wish your published documentation to share the same Favicon for your website, or even to add a custom Favicon specifically for your Documentation.

First, you need to create your icon in the .ico format and name it favicon.ico, copy it to your project directory and then add it as an Other File on the Project Explorer.

To do this, you need to right-click Other Files on the Project Explorer and select Add Existing Other File. From there, simply navigate to your project directory and select the favicon.ico file. It will then be copied to the root of the output directory.

Next, you need to create a custom template. You can find out how to create a custom template here:

After you have created the custom template, you need to navigate to Page Types and edit Master.base.html and input the following HTML at the end of the <Head> section:

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<link rel="icon"

Finally, you then need to close your custom template for editing - and ensure you save when prompted. Then, once you rebuild your output, you should now have a Favicon.



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